Sense Miner

Sense Miner is one of our integrated solution to collect relevant data from unstructured (or partially structured) sources.

The collecting process

Sense Miner can simultaneously and continually electronic documents coming from any kind of sources (Web sites, blogs, forums, search engines, e-mails, micro-blogging, internal documents, OCR, etc.). We support every standard formats ans have connectors for each of the most used document sources.

Semantic analysis

Thanks to a highly efficient semantic analysis engine that can be adapted to any situation, our solution can entract precise and complete information in real time. As a consequence, the final user can focus on already processed information and doesn't have to read every document.

Aggregation and consolidation

Sense Miner always try to match newly acquired data to those previously collected. Meaning that it can, for example, connect seemingly motley data together when they are linked to a single company. But it can also automatically detect that an information is already known, even if it is expressed in a different way, or even in a different language.